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A podcast that shares intimate conversations about alcohol and drug use, struggling with sobriety and the my personal path to wellness

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Episode 5 - Binge Drinking & Blackouts

Release Date: March 16, 2022

Episode 5 - Binge Drinking & BlackoutsDone with Debauchery
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Binge drinking and blackouts are synonymous in North American drinking culture. As teens, we jump into binge drinking as a means to escape, become more ‘adult’, and deal with the discomfort these transitional years bring. Binge drinking and blackouts are normalized and celebrated throughout teen and young adult culture and sets us up for increased high-risk behaviours, possible medical issues, and an increased risk of alcohol use disorder. Join us as we attempt to remember the things we actively forgot and the risks we were unaware we were taking each and every time we drank in excess.

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