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A podcast that shares intimate conversations about alcohol and drug use, struggling with sobriety and the my personal path to wellness

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Episode 26 - 13 Years of Recovery and Sobriety with Stephanie

Release Date: October 19, 2022

Episode 26 - 13 Years of Recovery and Sobriety with StephanieDone with Debauchery
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Stephanie shares how for a long time she was chasing the feeling she got from her first night drinking, to what her life was like throughout her college years while she was in her addiction to how her life has changed with 13 years of recovery and sobriety behind her.⁣


In this conversation, Stephanie gives me a different perspective of Alcoholics Anonymous based on her experiences, why it was important for her to find a sponsor and community that she identified with and how being of service is such an important active part of her recovery. You don’t want to skip this episode!⁣

This episode contains mentions of sexual assault and other sensitive topics relating to mental health. Listener discretion is advised.⁣

Connect with Stephanie⁣

Instagram @stephanieissober⁣

Twitter @stephsoberlife ⁣

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