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A podcast that shares intimate conversations about alcohol and drug use, struggling with sobriety and the my personal path to wellness

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Episode 25 - Rebuilding Your Life in Sobriety with Tara

Release Date: October 12, 2022

Episode 25 - Rebuilding Your Life in Sobriety with TaraDone with Debauchery
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Tara shares her journey to sobriety beginning in her teen years when her drinking began, how she dealt with codependency in toxic relationships and faced mental health challenges but through it all, there was something inside of her that would not let her addiction win. Through sobriety, she was forced to face all parts of herself and today she is 9 years sober and living a life that wouldn’t be possible if she didn’t stop drinking.

This episode contains mentions of domestic abuse, suicide attempts and other sensitive topics relating to mental health. Listener discretion is advised.

Connect with Tara
Instagram @helloiamtara

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