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Hello - it's me!

I'm Keisha - the host of your new favourite podcast!


Done with Debauchery started as a collaboration between two friends trying to navigate sobriety and substance use while venturing through our own personal wellness journeys. Today, I have taken over the show as your solo host!


I'm new to the wellness world but passionate about making impactful change after embarking on my own journey of healing trauma, prioritizing mental health and saying goodbye to unhealthy coping mechanisms.


After stepping away from my career selling real estate in Toronto, I realized my relationship with alcohol, substances and party culture was holding me back from living the life I truly desired.


Done with Debauchery was born through personal experiences, intimate conversations and the belief that there are many paths to sobriety. My intention is to explore them with you! I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I hope you can laugh, learn, and maybe cry along with me while you ask yourself - are YOU Done with Debauchery?

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